Thursday, March 29, 2012

A letter from the fella

A hijack of sorts! Surprise, I really do exist! Hello all! I’ve actually convinced the glitter, rainbow, sewing queen to give me her password and write a little hello to you all. First off, some well known facts! Girls are smarter that boys at spelling and grammar so please over look my inability to sound coherent! If it weren’t for spell check I would be a Neanderthal, dragging a club, grunting, looking confused and scratching my butt in public. To be honest, I haven’t evolved much!

Ok! Something else you all have to know! Caroline is a words of affirmation person. Words of encouragement and praise, questions about her life really mean a lot to her! I keep up with her blog and love how she has keeps a running tally of events from her life! (sometimes it includes me) I always check the comments to see what people say! So here is a great big THANK YOU to everyone who leaves comments.

Caroline is very special to me! I love her dearly and am so blessed by God to have her in my life! She does special little things for me….like…if you all have been keeping up on our current events. I got a fantastic promotion!! Chef de cuisine! Or as she calls me Davey de fiancé or chefy de fiancé! (ignore spelling). Anyway! The day I was offered the position, that night I got home from work at the other restaurant and was greeted by a big paper sign with PINK GLITTER CROWNS and a sweet note on it! I got a big smile on my face and thought it was cute. Oh Wait! It gets better! I opened the door to the condo and something scraped across the door. I could see something on the floor!?! I reached around the corner and flicked on the light and……the entire condo was decorated with streamers, Gold and Silver Balloons all over the floor, Poster boards on the wall with cute and corny phrases!!! I stopped dead in my tracks! I have not had anything decorated for me with streamers and balloons since high school!! Now! she did a great job on my Birthday! But, this was totally unexpected!! I couldn’t walk in! I had to look at everything and take it all in. She did this for me! I was so touched and surprised! I was already having a great day! I worked hard that night and was still on cloud nine, but to come home and find this! I was reminded of what a wonderful lady Caroline is!!

She’s special!

I love you Caroline! We will be married soon and I can’t wait to start our lives together!

Ok! Perhaps she’ll let me do this again!

P.S the jobs is going great!

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Miss Sweet Tea said...

This is so cute! I wish you and C a lifetime of happiness!!

PS - I'm so happy that the job is going well for you!!