Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aggressive Recognition

I get incredibly excited when I see someone that I know out in public. Even if it's not someone I particularly care for, my instinct is to excitedly wave, shout out their name and engage in some small talk. Perhaps it's an off-shoot of my need for people's approval. How popular must I be to engage in multiple conversations whilst out and about during my daily errands?

Unfortunately, the downside of assuming you will know everyone and that they'll be thrilled to see you is the occasional miscue. A couple of weeks ago in Harris Teeter, I approached a woman and bear hugged from behind thinking it was an old friend. Notsomuch. She assured me it was okay and continued with her meat order.

This weekend, I had the lovely pleasure of my old friend and bridesmaid, Georgia Peach, staying with my to celebrate our engagement party. On Sunday morning I met Georgia at a local cafe for Sunday brunch after church and saw her waiting for me in line. I approached slowly, wrapped my arms around her neck, and nuzzled her a bit. When I felt her stiffen, I backed away and realized that the object of my affection wasn't, in fact, my sweet Peach but rather a stranger who looked more than peeved and ready to mace me.

Clearly, there is a time and place for guerilla affection, but that is not, I have discovered, in public places approaching people from behind.

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The Pink Putter said...

Your post made me laugh out loud! And you've done that to a stranger twice! So cute! Keep it up though-I have no doubt that your friends and family know that you care for them very much. : )