Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rod Iron Revamp

Daddy and Little were kind enough to pass down a sweet little set of patio furniture to me the other week. It was white, rusted and in need of some love, but a quality set with lots of potential. During my Friday afternoon off I was able to give it just the attention it needed. I'm still planning to recover the seats, but I think this minor facelift gives it new life. I purchased a grill and The Fella and I have already had so much fun breaking it in. In fact, tonight's menu features rosemary pork chops, zucchini and corn and black bean quinoa. I can't wait to have a patio party with my turquoise table and pink and glittery chair (yes, they are covered in glitter). Good thing I now have a personal chef to help plan the menu!





Annabel Manners said...

Just in time for warm weather and BBQ season- perfect! :)

Ashley Borysewich said...

oh my goodness how cute! and it's in my wedding colors :)

Love your blog, following you now!