Thursday, August 19, 2010

So I guess I was under the impression that once I started working for myself that life would slow down, and that I'd have more time to relax, breathe, blog... you know, the basics. Oh how wrong I was. Life, as it is wont to do, has continued to accelerate 1200 mph, and while I am truly and sincerely LOVING every second of it, my head is spinning.

I started some part-time work last week at a local stationery and gift store because I really felt the need to continue some sort of regular income. God really blessed me by opening the door, and I'm loving it so far. When I'm not at the shop I'm busy, busy, busy working with Little to keep Hems & Hers growing, and growing it has. We just had an order placed yesterday by our third boutique (this one in Chapel Hill... more on the Hems & Hers blog later this week), and we couldn't be more humbled by the feedback... and thrilled!

Over the weekend we took some time out and went to Knoxville for a family reunion... our first time back since Papaw's funeral in April. After the reunion on Saturday we headed up to his farm and started going through some of his things to decide what we wanted to remember him by. I can't explain how emotional I was to be there. I hadn't been to his house since Sis and the Beau and I visited him for the last time in March... just a few weeks before he died. Being there again, but knowing he wasn't there, and going through all the things that made him so Papaw was just overwhelming, and the grief felt brand new. After shedding my tears, I was so grateful for the opportunity to choose some things I wanted to keep of his including some amazing hats (seriously... his collection was unreal) and cowboy boots (he was a true equestrian). He wasn't a big man, and the boots fit me perfectly. I will be so proud wearing them this fall.

As soon as we got back it was back to the grind, shooting a look book for Hems & Hers on Monday. I cannot wait to share some pictures from the shoot. My sweet friend Swankypeach did so much to pull it together. I am continually blessed by the people God puts in my life!

Yesterday I bid a sorrowful adieu to Sisterectomy who moved back to Chapel Hill for her junior year. I adored every second of the time we spent together this summer (and what a conglomeration of seconds they were), and I will be missing her terribly while she's on campus being a professional Tar Hole.

Polka Dots & Protein Bars has been a lonely space over the last few weeks, but I have a list of fun incidents to share over the coming days... that is, unless this little life whirlwind scoops me right back up. I am such a happy and fulfilled girl right now!


Ams said...

What an ADVENTURE!!!
I know you are going to do amazing things :)
And I can't wait to hear more and more about what's going on in your wonderful life!!!
I have missed you!

The Shabby Princess said...

I love that you have so much going on in your life! You have the BEST attitude, ya know that? Hems & Hers is so great, I love it. You're a true jack (jane?) of all trades!

So glad you were able to have some things from your Papaw to remember him buy, that's so special. When my grandma died earlier this year, my aunt had necklaces made out of the flatware my grandpa bought her--mine will become a very special family heirloom.