Wednesday, August 4, 2010

About A Blog

Here's the thing about blogs: They aren't your own. They aren't private, and they aren't anonymous despite attempts to keep them as both. They may feel like a safe place to share thoughts, but ultimately there are ramifications for every word written on these digital pages. More people are reading your thoughts than you know, and that shouldn't be taken lightly. Ever.

Last night I posted a True Story Tuesday that was unfair to post. Hurt feelings and severed relationships are never, ever worth a laugh or entertainment. Even when the intent of a blurb, factual or not, isn't mean, hurtful or malicious, that doesn't mean that everyone who comes across this corner of the interwebs is aware of that, or that they interpret it in the same way it's intended.

I will have to live with the fact that my post not only hurt others but painted a skewed representation of me that I can't change. To some readers, I appeared vicious, hateful and un-Christlike, and I hate that. As a reminder to myself and all of you who operate blogs, you do not type in a vacuum, and once feelings are hurt because of a public forum like a blog, they can't be un-hurt. And for that, I am extremely sorry.


Barefoot in the Park said...

dont feel sorry! you wrote a quip you thought would be enjoyed, and it was.

i just clicked to comment "man i thought picking up after my former boss's dog was bad..."

it shows great maturity to delete a post that you feel might be misconstrued, even though I didnt take it in that way at all!

hope you're enjoying your "new" boss today ;)

Tiffany said...

It is hard because you want to use your blog as a place to vent, but unless you protect it, anyone can see it and be hurt by it. I posted about our wretched weekend yesterday and I had to edit and rewrite it several times, just in case someone included were to find it. My most effective venting comes in 140 characters or less on Twitter, which I do protect. :)

It was very big of your to apologize and delete the post. I hope everything works out okay!

Just Add Walter said...

I didn't read the post but I completely understand how you feel since I have done stuff like that in the past. I hope everything turns out ok!

Anonymous said...

Whatever- you relished in it. And by telling others to watch themselves, you are merely trying to deflect your own blame and guilt. Are you really so stupid as to believe that your foirmer coworkers don't read this blog? We're glad YOU are gone too.

Jenny said...

LOL! You see? Comments like "anonymous" just left are the EXACT reason why you shouldn't apologize. Who's feelings were you sorry for hurting? I hope not whoever posted that comment!

It doesn't do any good when the people on the other end are A-holes anyway. Let your former co-workers read your blog. They don't sound like they were that awesome.

There I go again being all hateful. OH. WELL.

Carolina Girl said...

Anonymous commenters are laughable. Mainly bc they are cowards. You are fabulous and took the high road. They are just jealous. At the end of the day, just remember. Easy come....easy go....I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

The Shabby Princess said...

OK, I read the post and I didn't think it was malicious. Maybe I'm not as Christ like as I hoped I am. Hm. Need to work on that.

But you my dear friend, YOU have so many admirable (did I spell that right?) qualities and are so amazing. You did the right thing, you deleted the post and you apologized. If that doesn't make you super awesome, well then, I don't know what does.

Don't let this get your head down, k?

LWH said...

I follow along in Google reader, so I did read the post yesterday. I didn't see it as malicious, I saw it as shocking...shocking that anyone would take advantage of an employee in that manner and that anyone would teach their children that it's okay to cheat by turning in work that wasn't their own (especially with an honor oath included!!!)

The "Anonymous" commenter is beneath contempt: if you can't sign your name to your own words, that should tell you something. Perhaps its a colleague who resents you leaving because now SHE has to do the boss' kid's homework?

Regardless, your words of warning are well-taken. Blogs are not personal, they are public. But I don't think you were malicious at all yesterday. Your previous employers, on the other hand, owe you and their children apologies.

Black Labs and Lilly said...

I'm sorry that the post stirred up some issues. I read it and didn't find it offensive, but relatable. I think many of us have been in work situations, especially right out of school, that put us in uncomfortable positions, or take advantage of a person's willingness to give 110%.

DSS said...
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DSS said...

I have been reading you for a very long time, and although I do not know you personally...I know that you are good person. To share a true anecdotal story every now and again, that sometimes has a snarky tone, does not make you a bad person :)

I'm sorry Anonymous took offense. Sometimes hearing the truth is hard. I find that when I lash out at people, it is mostly because what they have said is true. And I don't like hearing it.

BunnyB said...

I have to agree with LWH in regard to the most shocking of the post being that a boss would ask an employee to do such a task. It's one thing to do paperwork and other office/business related tasks that are less than fun, but bringing in personal tasks (and those related to a child's education on less) seems unacceptable. I did not read anything malicious or hurtful in your post, more so just an amusing anecdote in the "you won't believe what my boss had me do" story of all our lives.

However, I remember my father always telling me "don't write down what you don't want everyone else to know". With the increasing accessibility of social media, I think this is a simple lesson that can easily be forgotten in our current "share all our thoughts" world when, let's face it, some thoughts—as true as they may be—should not be for public consumption.

Anonymous said...

I never saw your blog post as mean in any way. You were simply stating the facts of what happened while you worked in that office. If your co-workers can't handle it, then they shouldn't read it. This is your blog and you should write whatever you want to. I admire you for apologizing and deleting the post. You're a good person! Don't ever let anyone make you feel like you're less than that.
I love your blog!