Monday, August 6, 2012

Where in the World?

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I've posted. Although, I shouldn't really be surprised. After working for 32 straight days, this is the first time I've felt like I could write and catch my breath. Here's what my month has consisted of...

1. Work. A lot of it. It's such a blessing to love my job the way I do. Although, 32 days straight is a long time for anything!
2. Yoga. When I can. I've been yog'ing 2-4 days a week for the past few months. I did have a forced 10 day respite during my work stretch, and coming back was painful, but dang if I don't adore it.
3. A rehearsal dinner. Since I have Fridays off, but only 4 weeks a year, I was able to take a quick trip down to Knoxville to celebrate my cousin's rehearsal dinner. Although I couldn't stay for the wedding, it was great to connect with family, albeit briefly. 
4. Sewing! I've been taking orders for my Hems & Hers line again. I thought it would add undue stress, but since the hubbers works nights, it's great for me to be productive while I wait for him to get home. 
5. I turned 26! My husband planned the best party for me... I can't wait to update about that... seriously. So. Much. Fun.
6. I learned how important changes of scenery are. 

I am so lucky to live in Charlotte, NC, where we're fairly equidistant from the mountains and the beach and day trip options are numerous. Hubbers and I have both been wading through stressful seasons at work. We also highly prioritize Sunday nights as date nights together. This week I wanted to shake things up, so after wrapping the 11:15 worship experience, I tucked my main squeeze in the car and jetted about an hour and a half up the road for a day of grapes and sunshine at Childress Vineyards. We spent the afternoon sipping, chatting, reconnecting and being refreshed. On the way home we stopped at Concord Mills for some perusing, and then planted ourselves firmly at Dave & Buster's for a couple of hours of arcade fun... because, well, why not? We capped our day with Jamaican jerk chicken nachos and a beer at our favorite English pub and some generous cups of TCBY. Even though we were still close to home, breaking out of our routine was one of the most invaluable decisions we've made recently.

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