Monday, January 2, 2012

Checking It Twice

Wedding plans have been coming along swimmingly. I took a break for a few weeks to work my way through 30 extraordinary Christmas worship experiences at work (we had Christmas attendance of more than 21,000 people and saw 2,182 people give their lives to Jesus) followed by a glorious week off in which the fella and I moved him into my condo, and I moved home until the wedding. We don't want to live together before gettin' hitched, and his lease ended, so it made sense to let him get settled into our home and save some money while I live with mom and popsicle. I have a long list of bridal to-dos awaiting me in 2012 that look a little something like this...

- Groomsmen socks (pink and gray argyle are not so easy to find)
- Rehearsal dinner (we're nearing a final decision on this)
- Invitations (we're nearing a final decision on these too, and I love that they're being custom made by a talented friend)
- Parental gifts (again, we know what we're doing, we just need to pull the trigger)
- Linens
- Alcohol (our reception will feature an open wine and beer bar, but we're opting not to serve liquor)
- Reception art being done by a sweet friend
- Collecting ladders
- Purchasing the fella's wedding band (we're nearing a final decision on this)
- Considering day-of coordination (so far I can't stomach spending money on this, although I have no doubt that the peace of mind it will provide is priceless)
- Finalize the registry
- Finalize gift baskets for out of town guests
- Finalize music selections for the ceremony
- Decide on programs
- Finish tweaks on my mom's veil
- Find someone to do my day-of hair and makeup
- Find shoes
- Decide whether or not we want a videographer
- Create our site on The Knot
- Decide on a layout for the reception (our venue is a 10,000 square foot refurbished warehouse, so it's a HUGE blank canvas)
- Guestbook


kels said...

okay, if i lived closer, i would SO volunteer to be your day-of coordinator!! that is just like my favorite thing ever {and possibly something i'd like to really pursue in the future}. still SO excited for you! it's getting close!! :)

Barefoot in the Park said...

looks like youre getting your list all checked off! such an exciting time!