Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to Good

What a weekend I enjoyed! My sweet, wonderful friend Y'all & Yanks returned home to the South for an all-too-quick, but ultra-fabulous weekend. Spending time with her is so refreshing, rejuvenating and just... good.

The festivities began Friday night when I swooped over to the airport to find the ultra-stylish jet setter waiting on her car service (ahem... me). We dashed back to my house to drop her bags and hopped on over to Bricktops for some Prickly Pear Martinis, fresh guacamole and a shared order of fish tacos. Despite the fact that we chat almost constantly throughout the week, there was so much to fill each other in about. From her Manhattan life to my Charlotte schedule, we got a lot of words in over a yummy meal. A trip to Yoforia (hello, pineapple + taro frozen yogurt topped with chocolate chips and strawberries!) finished the meal with a sweet ending, and the double batch of cookies we baked when we got home was the perfect chaser.

Saturday morning dawned bright and warm and was the perfect chance for us to catch up with another former coworker and friend over steamed bagel sandwiches at Owen's. Mmmm. This was one of my favorite lunch spots when I was at the agency, and I've been missing its steamy deliciousness. Following the brunch it was time to hit some shops around town. Now, Queen City shopping, while great, doesn't compare to New York, but Y'all & Yanks was able to find some Southern treats, and I had the opportunity to show off some Hems & Hers creations on the racks of Buckett's.

We headed over to Little and Daddy's for an M&M buffet (Daddy is the ultimate mixologist of M&M types... plain, peanut, peanut butter and pretzel) while we watched the Tennessee-Florida battle. Y'all & Yanks was such a trooper to let me watch and humor my sports geek side. The day finished on the perfect girly note, though, as we met two great girlfriends for drinks and tapas at Soul Gastro Lounge. We had so much fun catching up on our lives, families, interests, favorite infomercials and the uber-icky Diva Cup (more to come on that in a future post).

Thankfully, the Supermodel's (yes, pre-getting her own blog, Y'all & Yanks was known around here as the Supermodel) flight didn't depart until late Sunday, so we got in another full day including an emotional, encouraging, challenging and uplifting worship experience at Elevation, lunch at Zaxby's and a spin around Concord Mills.

Parting is indeed such sweet sorrow, and my heart is definitely sadder without the Supermodel here. However, it is so much fuller from the time we spent together this weekend. Nothing beats time with a best friend, and Y'all & Yanks never fails to deliver. Love you, sweet friend.


QueenBeeSwain said...

you are too cute


amy (metz) walker said...

Great pictures! I'm so happy your business is one small business owner to another...isn't that a wonderful feeling!?

Heather said...

That sounds like such a nice visit!

THE Stephanie said...

What a great visit. And you must be so proud to walk into a boutique and see your fashions hanging on the racks!