Monday, April 26, 2010

Yum Yum, Sugar Plum

The beau pointed out three things to me recently...
1. I become "obsessed" with a lot of things (true)
2. I "accidentally" start watching lots of shows (hi, Tori and Dean)
3. Everything's my favorite (so true)

Well, guess what? I have a new favorite thing that I'm obsessed with... grilled lettuce. Now stay with me for a moment. Lettuce is perhaps one of the most boring foods on the planet, and I didn't think I would ever describe it as "to-die-for." I love salads, but for me they're all about the toppings. Not anymore. Several weeks ago the beau and I went with the Lobster and HeLobster to Charlotte hot spot Soul Gastro Lounge. Everything we got was insanely delectable, but the hit of the night was Lobster's grilled Caesar salad... hearts of romaine grilled, placed inside a huge, round crouton and drizzled with Caesar dressing. The flavor of that lettuce... WOW!

I've been craving it ever since, so after church yesterday I headed to the Harry Teet, picked up two bags of hearts of romaine, came home, lit the grill and set up cooking up two of the bunches (brushed with a bit of olive oil first) intending to have one for lunch and one for dinner. While they spent their short stint over the goals, I also drizzled some shrimp with lime juice and dusted them with Lawry's seasoned salt, Tony's (my go-to) and some Southwestern Chipotle seasoning. I dropped those in a pan and let them saute.

I flipped the lettuce on the grill so that all sides were equally cooked (just a few minutes per side... you don't want it to burn), and they were ready to go. I chopped it into a huge bowl, topped it with the shrimp and drizzled on some Caesar vinaigrette. Holy deliciousness, Batman. That bowl was plum cleaned out in record time. I could go on and on about the delectability of this grilled salad, but instead, I'll just urge you to try it yourself.

I decided last night (hours after my mouthgasm) that I NEEDED to bring the salad for lunch toay. Out of coals and lighter fluid, I opted to use a large saute pan to replicate the process. I think I'll be a little disappointed this afternoon, because I let the lettuce burn a bit, but I can assure you that it will still be incredibly tasty. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat another salad without the grilled lettuce.

And I think that's all. I'll pretend it's not pathetic that I just dedicated an entire post to grilled romaine, and I'll post and recap my trip to Steeplechase later!


Colin's Mom said...

I'm a fan too! And I recently learned you can make it on your stovetop too with a grill pan. It's not as good the next day but it's still better than plain old lettuce!

Ams said...

Ohhhhh yes... my parents do this all the time. Grill it and then make caesar salad... it's freaking fantastic!!!! :)
I get obsessed over things too... easily! lol
Nothing wrong with that is what I say!

PS Off to follow your sister on Twitter!! WOOHOO :) heehee!

Black Labs and Lilly said...

I've never heard of grilled lettuce, but now you have been dying to try it! I might be asking you for cooking tips on twitter!

Anonymous said...

Yumm I have never done this but it sounds rather delish! Also... I LOVE Tori and Dean, haha!

Heather said...

I had a grilled caesar salad the first night we were in Cabo last summer, and I wanted to go back to that restaurant and have it every subsequent night! I have not attempted to do it myself, but now maybe I will.